Fascinating Natural World

iPod User - Rock FormationThis thing is being reported all over, Google Maps and Google Earth are fast becoming a spotters paradise, I have to admit this is the best by far.

While The Age reports it as, “This iPod User Rocks“, it is a wonderment of Nature. Of course the fact that he has a road up his face leading to a hole right near a “ear” area does add some comedy to it.
But can you look at it and not wonder how such a perfect formation or rock, creating a formed human head can appear in nature? Truly amazing.

Of course now that I’ve blogged about it, I’m sure some one some where will find it to be some sort of elaborate hoax… and I will be sad.

I first saw this story from a posting on digg.com. Great site… use it while you can. Word is Kevin Rose (the site’s founder) is shopping the site around for buyers, he wants about $150 Million… nice pay day if you can get it.


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