Bunny’s First Day

Bunny on his first day outUhuh, strange but true, I’ve bought a new pet… me who said I’d never get another pet… has another pet, and ain’t s/he cute?

I say s/he because apparently it is very hard to tell whether it’s a boy or a girl until around 6 months old, and the poor bunny is just six weeks old.

He (as we’ll call him for ease of conversation) has already been befriended by Eve (our cocker spaniel) who is treating him like a puppy.

She cleans him by licking him, tries to flick him on his back and lays down with him between her front paws.

Adam, the other cocker, just ignores him… much as he did way back when Eve had her litter of pups.

So looks like we’ll be one big happy family.

We also purchased a little hutch / condo thing today… it has three levels and is now lined with Astroturf. He’s been munching away on carrots and other assorted rabbit food and has spend a little time running round the house.

The hope is to eventually house-train him, but it doesn’t happen until they are around 9 months old (or so I have read on the Internet).

I’m thinking of him as a “pets as therapy” pet. :P

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  1. Awww cute! What’s his name?

    House training is cool, a good friend of mine used to have bunnies. But no matter how well trained they are, they’ll still chew on everything, so keep an eye on your wiring ;)

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