Back-ups People – WordPress 2.0.5

Oh well, I upgraded my WordPress installation to version 2.0.5, but wanted to do a nice clean update, so I backed up my files and prepared to do an upgrade. Peformed a sychronisation from the server to my local computer using Dreamweaver, made a zip of my files and proceeded to update the live server.

Well it appears there was a kink in the chain and the images I have uploaded to the server over the past two+ months did not come down as part of the synchronisation process. So they are missing.

And will remain so for a short period of time, until I have a chance to go out and re-source them. It’s my own fault I should have checked my local computer first and not trusted Dreamweaver to do the right thing.
Got other stuff to do right now so it will have to wait… it will be fixed soon enough.

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