All the family’s doin’ it

Well at least one other, for now. My brother Brian has set himself up a WordPress blog at And he rightfully writes that the way life goes we have so little time to catch up with everyone, for instance, I didn’t even know he’d gotten a new puppy… and what a cute doggin he is.

Brian and Jillian join Alek as family on the net (well not just connected cause they are all there now) but with an actual site presence.

And congrats on picking such a nice looking theme, only thing now is make it so people can put comments on without having to log in.


  1. I think I have set it so people can comment??

    We got little Hindy about three weeks ago. We weren’t going to get another one until we did some major reconstruction around the place, or maybe not at all but couldn’t help it. Jill chased up an ad in the paper and I told her, if we go, we’ll buy one.

    We turned up at the place and saw these puppies running riot in the front yard and I knew we had to have one! Everyone thought Slats was a big dog but Hindy’s dad is bigger and Hindy was the biggest of the litter so we can look forward to lots of food (mind you we already do) and lots of large barkers eggs! But he already has such a personality! We’ll have to bring him with us to get to know his cousins, Adam and Eve, when we eventually get down there!

  2. It asked me to log in to leave you a message… but there is no sign-up, cause you can have people “join” your blog as registered users or just leave messages by filling in a form. Looks like yours can have comments, just have to join first, but the joining is not available.

    Congrats on the Puppy he looks very cute. It’d be great to have you all down to visit some time soon.

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