A First Crush

Now let me share another memory these dreams have brung up from the depths and let me tell you memories of when I was young are quite rare, at times when they come to me like this it often seems they are from the mind of someone else.

Matthew Jensen, from Penrith Primary School, was in my class and he was also the first boy I can remember having “a thing” for. Now I don’t mean to pretend I knew what it was all about, but it was an intense fascination. I wanted to know everything about Matthew… and as one of his friends for the whole six months I went to the school I felt lucky to be around him.

I left the school at the end of year 5 and my brother and I moved to Jamisontown Primary, which was much closer to home, for what would be my final year of primary school (year 6 here in Aus).

I never saw Matt again.


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