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What’s Happening in the White House?

Enjoy your “Democracy”, for his next Executive Order your President will waive your right to vote and make it so that if your name isn’t “Bush” you can not be President.

In America they now have the right to hold you indefinitely without charge, to hold you in a secret location without having to notify anyone where you are, or that they even have you, and as a civilian, if they choose to they can try you as military in a military court. Oh and torture is also back on the books… sure practically ALL of the new parts of the new law breech the Geneva Convention, but when you’re the ONLY superpower in the world and you have all the big bombs (well you used to, now that pesky North Korea is causing problems) you can do anything you want… even start a crappy war.

Starting to sound a but like a Dictatorship to me, only this Dic(k)tator has a lot of strings pulling on him, from the corporate world of America.

In other news, our moron (I mean Prime Minister) John Howard says that a withdrawal of our troops from Iraq will make us a prime target for Terrorism, as our defeat in Iraq will be a sign of our weakness and openness to Terror.

Ummm Mr Howard, I hate to say this out loud and make you seem a little silly, but the war was declare “over” some time ago, by your friend Mr Bush, remember he said we WON… we’re just there now assisting them on the road to forming their own democracy… If we’ve already said we WON how can we be defeated?

Oh and one more thing (I promise) have you noticed how the propaganda has begun about North Korea? The other day I saw a show about some guy who was held in North Korea and forced to mate with North Korean Females, twice a month. Then there is the action to force trade sanctions on them, attempting to cripple the country in order to make them give up their nuclear capabilities.

Now I’m not saying they should be allowed to have Nuclear weapons, but if the others are allowed to… why not? I mean right now, I’m more fearful that Bush and his happy-to-sign pen will bomb the crap out of everything before the North Koreans will.

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