15 Minutes…

Andy Warhol famously said “In the future everybody will be world-famous for 15 minutes“. Did I waste mine, or is the fact that no one still knows who I am mean that wasn’t my 15 minutes?

Last Thursday, on my favourite podcast, Buzz Out Loud, an email I sent in was read out… YAY. It was to do with the whole “You’ll love Coles…” branding.

[audio src="http://www.tyroga.com/mp3/buzz_out_loud_327.mp3" /]

While it won’t endear me to those who already think of me as a geek… Buzz Out Loud is a great Podcast for technology news. Tom Merrit, Molly Wood and Veronica Belmont are a great mix and play off each other very well, resulting in a funny and informative show every weekday.


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