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No Call, No E-mail, Can’t Mean Good News

Ah well, it’s 5.30 and nothing has come through… that can’t be a good thing right?

Guess the opportunity went to someone else… next time perhaps.

As I write this I am about to leave work, where I sit in a room which has its own airconditioning… air con that doesn’t like to work in the heat. And while our room is in the middle of the building, as soon as the air con cuts out, it gets real stuffy, real fast.

Not happy Jan… what’s it gonna be like when summer finally arrives? Better shoot off an email to the big bosses before I leave.

Daily Life

Never Hated It More

And by “It” I mean Spam e-mail, I’m waiting on an e-mail which will hopefully bring good news, though I’m starting to think that because I want the good news so bad, the only news that will be delivered is bad.

Anyway, spam… every couple of times my mail window reloads, it brings a new e-mail and my heart flutters just a little… then it plummets to the bottom of my chest and bounces off my diaphram as I realise the new e-mail, isn’t what I want, it’s just more spam :'(

C’mon good mail come through… now!

Daily Life

Killer iPods

An iPod user in the US is suing Apple for hearing loss. He alleges the sound produced by an iPod can exceed 115 decibels, a volume which is dangerous to be exposed to for more than 28 seconds.

Attack of the iPods – Digital Music – Gadgets – Technology –

What is wrong with these people, Apple should be allowed to walk into the court room and slap this guy up the side of the head… banging pots and pans together in the kitched will produce too much noise too, does that mean this guy will sue the Scanpan?

Argh… people drive me crazy sometimes… I knew there was a reason I don’t like to read the newspaper. “Attack of the iPods” is newspaper sensationalism at its best. Playing the same music from my iPod on my G5 at loud volumes will produce the same result, hearing loss, but I’m not about to sue Apple for that… am I? When will people become responsible for themselves and their own actions?