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Runaway Doggins… No More

Adam and Eve

After Adam’s little flight from the backyard the other week, we wondered whether the fear that was in his eyes back then was a sign that he had been a little traumatized by the whole experience.

Today’s incident would indicate that he was…

Me being a little vague today left the back gate open when I took the bins out. I then went and let the dogs out into the backyard and went back to my desk in the computer room.

Two minutes later I saw golden blur run past the window and went to investigate.

There, sitting just inside the back yard was Adam, not stepping one foot over the threshold that would see him in the big wide world.

Eve is cool, you call her and she comes back. In the past Adam would have just kept on running.

While I’m not happy he’s obviously been affected, I am relieved I didn’t have to chase him all over the neighbourhood this morning.

Daily Life

Back-ups People – WordPress 2.0.5

Oh well, I upgraded my WordPress installation to version 2.0.5, but wanted to do a nice clean update, so I backed up my files and prepared to do an upgrade. Peformed a sychronisation from the server to my local computer using Dreamweaver, made a zip of my files and proceeded to update the live server.

Well it appears there was a kink in the chain and the images I have uploaded to the server over the past two+ months did not come down as part of the synchronisation process. So they are missing.

And will remain so for a short period of time, until I have a chance to go out and re-source them. It’s my own fault I should have checked my local computer first and not trusted Dreamweaver to do the right thing.
Got other stuff to do right now so it will have to wait… it will be fixed soon enough.

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Small Night Out

Last night we went out to celebrate Chris’ birthday… he was having drinks at The Builders Arms Hotel (211 Gertrude St, Fitzroy). Met a few of his friends and two in particular were a hoot.

Michelle and Suzie are a couple of girls who know how to have a great time. And I truly hope we get to go out with them sometime.
The food at The Builders’ Arms Hotel was a little on the posh side for us so David, the girls and I decided to dash down Smith Street to see what else was on offer.

We ambled into Vibe on Smith (123 Smith Street, Fitzroy) where we had a nice dinner before returning to the pub.

Once we had returned we caught up with Melissa, Linda and Bron had a few more drinks, said farewell to Chris and his friends, then headed off to The Glasshouse, a bar for lesbians in Melbourne.

I have to say it was my first ever time in a “lesbian” establishment and stories I had heard in the past that they were less than welcoming to guys were found to be untrue.

Of course it could be that for a Saturday night at 10.30 at night it was kind of dead and any money was better than none. The bar service kind of sucked, but the venue was actually set out quite nicely. I couldn’t see why it was so deserted.

As it was so deserted and there were not enough hot girls for the girls to check out we decided to head to The Peel to shake some booty on the dancefloor. I was amazed at the number of girls at The Peel and had to wonder if perhaps the bar staff at The Glasshouse was what kept the patrons away. They really should look into that.

In the end I wasn’t feeling to crash-hot for most of yesterday, so we called it an early night at around midnight.

It was a great night and it was easy to see, before we left, that Chris (who was kinda tanked) was having a fantastic night that probably continued into the wee hours of the morning.

The early hours of this morning also marked the start of Daylight Savings Time here in Victoria, which means even though it is now 11.40am it feels much earlier.

Music Technology

What are you listening to?

I found a new plug-in for my Blog, thought I’d check and see if it works. It’s Mr. Chompers iTunes Playlist Publisher. Also testing out the ditu – Mark Your Places. recently_played_20061028.xml

SciFi TV

Frack Me!


Helo From Battlestar GalacticaWell not much of a spoiler, but I do have to say how freakin awesome one scene in the latest Battlestar Galactica was.

When that Galactica falls like a stone through the atmosphere of New Caprica and the vipers start shooting out of the sides through walls of fire, it was almost poetic.

But when at just a few hundred metres from the surface and the Galatica engaged its FTL and jumped to safety, I really did laugh and yell “Frack Me!”

I guess I take some of the shows I watch just a tad to seriously (not that I start to believe them mind, but I do get into them). But jeepers when they make shows like the episode I just watched. AMAZING.

And what’s with the picture of Helo you may ask? Well he’s from BSG… and he’s my fave character. So why not take the opportunity to use his picture here. :P To be fair I was looking to see if anyone had screen-capped the Galactica falling through the atmosphere… this whole posting was just an excuse to get a shot of Helo in. Honest.

Below is the video from YouTube… though someone has put music to it, without Adama’s “Prepare for Turbulence” it’s not quite as good.
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It’s Like He’s Me

I know how Dilbert Feels

In the News

Fascinating Natural World

iPod User - Rock FormationThis thing is being reported all over, Google Maps and Google Earth are fast becoming a spotters paradise, I have to admit this is the best by far.

While The Age reports it as, “This iPod User Rocks“, it is a wonderment of Nature. Of course the fact that he has a road up his face leading to a hole right near a “ear” area does add some comedy to it.
But can you look at it and not wonder how such a perfect formation or rock, creating a formed human head can appear in nature? Truly amazing.

Of course now that I’ve blogged about it, I’m sure some one some where will find it to be some sort of elaborate hoax… and I will be sad.

I first saw this story from a posting on Great site… use it while you can. Word is Kevin Rose (the site’s founder) is shopping the site around for buyers, he wants about $150 Million… nice pay day if you can get it.

Family & Friends Technology

Too Many Macs That Aren’t Mine :'(

MacBook Pro

I just listened to a voicemail left on my phone from a very excited Simon, who this morning purchased a MacBook Pro Dual Core Duo (just released today).

And here I was sitting in front of my computer before work just wishing I could have one, just a 17 inch MacBook Pro. Not too much to ask for is it?

Once an early adopter, I’m now behind the times. First Sue and her 24 inch iMac, now Simon’s purchase.

Congrats on your purchase Simon, enjoy the awesome power that is the MacBook Pro.

I really should start playing the Lottery. :P