Scissor Sisters - Ta-Dah

Scissor Sisters - Ta-Dah

Yep they’re back, the Scissor Sisters in all their glory. Since I’ve actually had Ta-Dah for quite some time now I’ve listened to it more times than I care to admit. And while on first listening my thoughts were, “Oh-no” subsequent listenings have reeled me in.

I LOVE this album. There’s not a song I skip and I reckon this is the future of music.

In a world of digital downloads, where we can pick and choose the tracks we want to purchase, the onus is on the artist BIG TIME to produce an album full of hits, rather than one or two strong tracks and a whole lotta filler.

Take Jessica Simpson (sorry David) for example, her new Album “A Public Affair” has in my opinion, one good song (a public affair), a bad reworking of an old 80’s classic (you spin me round…) and a whole lotta not much else. You’d buy the single and move on.

Scissor Sisters on the other hand… brilliant! Every song is a keeper. Some will have you grooving (don’t feel like dancing, she’s my man, kiss you off, ooh, lights etc) some will have you loving the one your with (the other side, might tell you tonight) and at least one (intermission) will have you thinking what the heck were THEY thinking, but be so infectiously weird you’ll bopp along anyway.

Get it, get it now and enjoy. Speaking of getting it, Janet’s new album 20 Y.O. is available today… must be off.

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