So many will yawn!

The Apple announcement has come and gone and as many had predicted the image posted yesterday was indeed a hoax… there was no new full-screen video iPod, there was however new iPods.

iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle has been relegated to the world of the lapel clip and is only available as a 1GB model at AUD$119, no longer a USB connector it has its own little dock and updates via the headphone jack.

iPod Nano

The coloured Nano’s that people have been asking for for ages Pink, Blue, Green, Silver, and Black (no white) and the Gold appears to be the only Mini colour to go missing. Add to this the new capacity of 8GB in an even smaller shell. Though I have to say some people won’t be happy… the 8GB only comes in Black (according the the Australian Apple Store), the 2GB only comes in Silver and the 4GB in Silver, Pink, Blue or Green. I’d love to upgrade my 4GB Mini to a nice Blue Nano, but I’d really want the 8GB model… what are they thinking!

The Video iPod, now just known as the iPod comes in two capacities, 30GB and 80GB but isn’t full screen, it doesn however have a 60% brighter screen and up to 20 hours playback from the battery. It’s not that my interest in iPods is wanning, but I think I’ll still hold out for more of a media player before I upgrade. Though the 80GB would hold ALL of my music, something my 60GB is no longer capable of… hmmm.

The only other “iPod” news is that the iPod Hi-fi appears to be banished to the accessory pages, no longer on the iPod page at all, oh and that the Apple Store online now has a dedicated iPod Sub-Store.

Other Apple news, the iTMS (iTunes Music Store) is no more, it is now just the iTS or iTunes Store, because there is now of course Movies available for download… though not to Australians yet. I tell ya, it sucks I can jump on Amazon and buy a book that isn’t available in Australia, they’ll ship it no problem, but Music, TV shows and Movies… no way Jose! What is with that. TV I can kind of understand I’m sure the networks who produce the shows rely on a certain amount of income from the ads they sign, but music and movies? It’s not like our movie and music companies here aren’t feeding into the coffers of their US based head offices so what’s the deal?

With the new iTunes Store there is also a new iTunes, the icon is now blue and the interface is a little cooler.

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  1. I am over the ipod!!!!! My 2nd one just stopped working and now I am contemplating whether or not to get a new one. I just don’t know. I love my mac and I liked my ipod, but apple is starting to dissapoint me.

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