Say it isn’t so

O.K. It has to be said that this may be a fake image, but I gotta blog it anyway… cause I want it to be true, almost as much as I wanted the Holden Blip that emerged from the clouds last Saturday night over Melbourne to be a real life UFO (which is what it really looked like for a while, I swear it’s true).

Actually I don’t want it to be true… cause if you saw the photo in my previous post, you know I own too many iPods already… and not only do I not NEED another one, I can’t really afford one either, but geeze NEED or not, I WANT IT.

The image of course has some sort of Front Row on the iPod, and the icons that are shown don’t really make sense to an iPod, it seems that the image has exactly what Front Row has, iTunes, iPhoto, Movies and DVD obviously you can’t put a DVD into an iPod so surely all that would come under movies.
With the “Show time” name, this event is obviously all about movies. And the fact that they launched the iMacs with zero fanfare (and a 24″ iMac deserved some) means they gotta have something really big coming right?

Oh I don’t know… guess Wednesday (our time) is not so far away. Waiting to exhale…

[box type=”info”]Update: 20110109 While this was revealed as a fake, it was so on the money. Apple did indeed release the iPod Touch at the event and it did have the form factor shown in the image. I didn’t however have the interface shown. There have since been three iterations of the iPod Touch. I only own the first. But have bought the other two for other people.[/box]

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