Purchases – iWoz and Hairspray

Today saw an early trip into the city for a spot of breakfast at the “Street café” on Lygon Street in the city. Breakfast was OK and we only made it to Lygon Street after walking up and down Smith Street in Collingwood and noting that NOTHING there seems to open before 10 on Saturday. Heaven forbid we should go hungry.

The Street café also seems to be very popular with cyclists and some very opinionated locals.

The shop next to the Street café (actually I think they are related) is Grinders Coffee, who have a cute little sign on the door which reads “Never mind if you don’t speak Italian. We speak a good broken English”. Great to see a sense of humour so early in the morning.

The walk back to the car saw us duck into Readings Book store, where we picked up our very own copy of iWoz, “Computer Geek to Cult Icon: Getting to the core of Apple’s Inventor”. Having just flicked through it, and having heard interviews with Woz before, I’m sure I’m going to enjoy the book. Oh and boys in US… Woz will be signing copys of the book in October in Seattle and one of them is at a Microsoft Research Group.

After breakfast we went off to Knife point, I mean Low point, oh wait it’s Highpoint. Were we visited JB HiFi and purchased “Hairspray” for the low price of $15.98. See I don’t just write about these things, I get them too.

And meanwhile, there was an acrobat performing high-rise stunts in the area of the stage in Highpoint… and David and I agreed that she should have put the “Crew” up on stage instead… hubba hubba.

After these little escapades we thought we would check out one of these “Designer Warehouse Sales” – Where everything is slashed by “up to 90% off”, first of all nothing was 90% off, the brand of jeans I had never heard of and can’t remember the name for now were reduced from $599.00 per pair to the low price of $399.00 per pair.
Now I know I’m getting a little cheaper in my old age, but FU%K who can afford or even think to spend $399 for a pair of mass-produced jeans? I would have said “who can afford or even think to spend $599” but clearly no one could cause they had LOTS of pairs of these jeans.

Other than that everything was size 28-32 (good luck to you if they fit) or 5XL (holey crap if they fit), there was NOTHING in between… guess they were just trying to off-load the crap no one else wanted.

This afternoon we watched “The Da Vinci Code” – YAWN, don’t know what the church was worried about, it ends with a “Let your faith decide” line and Tom’s character believes in the story of Jesus. Jeepers churches can be uptight. Other than the controversy in a teacup the only other thing in the movie that made me cringe was the “Self Flagellation” and other methods of self mutilation one of the faithful performed. Ouchy.


  1. Now that would explain why we go to the Street Café. Next time try the ‘Cheese shop’ two doors up – they make great ‘smelly socks’ cheese rolls.

  2. LOL ‘smeely socks’ sounds appealing fur sure. Would have called to see if you guys were out and about having breakfast,but know you were probably still sleeping at that time.

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