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Baryard Hooligans

BarnyardA Victorian traffic policeman has described as “stupid” two men who were hanging out of their car as they drove along the Hume Freeway in the state’s north-east.

Driver stupidity stuns police – National –

With trailers and cartoons like Barnyard showing cows drinking and driving it was only a matter of time until local hoons were influenced and started behaving in the same way.

Of course on a serious note, the trailer does actually show the cows drinking (milk) and driving around wildly (yep hanging out the window)… How did this just get a PG-13 rating? ;P



Twitchy from HoodwinkedWe started out nice and early today, off to finally see “Hoodwinked“. It has been out at the movies for a while and we have shied away from it because of a few bad reviews from friends. Fuzzy little characters and cartoons were too strong a draw for me, so I dragged David along.

Hoodwinked is basically the story (all be it a little skewed) of Little Red Riding Hood, further it is the retelling of the same story from four different view points; Red, Granny, The Wolf and the Woodsman.

The real standout character and a show stealer for sure, is Twitchy… a crazy, manic Chipmunk who speaks at about 10,000 miles per hour. The insane part is the voice of Twitchy is Cory Edwards, one of the co-writers.
It’s worth a view, but wait for the DVD…


U+Ur Hand

Pink - You and Your Hand“Keep your drink, just give me the money…”
Check out P!nk’s new single at C-THE MUSIC, it’s sassy and in your face, as only P!nk can be.

Pink – U + UR HAND

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Flock You!

First Blog from Flock…

I first tried Flock when it very first came out, way back then it was a tidy little browser, but had a few quirks to work out.

Thursday David e-mailed me to tell me that Vlad at his work and found this new browser… and I, having previously used it, dismissed it. Today I reconsidered and oh the things it can do.

The following snippet was highlighted on the Age site, right-clicked and “Blog this”.

Hawkins dumps high school date September 1, 2006 – 10:54AM
Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins says she has pulled out of accompanying a Sydney student to his year 12 formal because of the “media circus” surrounding the big date.

Hawkins dumps high school date – People – Entertainment –

And to this snippet I have to say to Jennifer Hawkins “Well duh! As if it wasn’t going to be a media circus… you probably just figured out where Bathurst was and thought not enough of the circus would be there.” But don’t worry Jenn I’m sure they’d send them by the bus load. It sucks you cancelled.

Flickr (and PhotoBucket) integration.

From the photobar I can drag and drop my photos, large or small version, straight into this window, as links into comment and text fields, and even other people’s photos from a list I have marked as favourites. It even automatically creates the link backs to the orginal poster.

These plus other cool features have warranted Flock another look. Take a look at

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