Off and Running

The Bunyip CafeIt has been an early start to today, we’ve been out for breakfast at “The Bunyip Cafe” across from the South Melbourne Markets, had our hair cut, had some stupid problem with the Laser fixed, been to check out the Toyota Prius and have now had lunch and am ready for a nanna nap before heading out to Sue Z’s tonight to play with her 24 inch iMac.

Reminds me I have to transfer some more music to my iPod before tonight.

But more about the Bunyip, it’s a great little cafe at 313 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, an old house turned cafe it is decorated with a lot of early 70’s kitch and some great glow decoration to make it look even better. Bit of a step back in time. Great food, great service.

And while I’m mentioning great service, I have to say thanks to the guys at the Valvoline Service Centre on Old Geelong Road, Hopper Crossing. The Laser has been doing this annoying thing, kind of surging at the oddest times. They jumped in the car to take a look and nothing happened while they tested it. But they said bring it back if anything happens, not 10 metres away it started again, we did a U-turn and off they drove again… for them, nothing unusal happened again!!!

But they still took time to have a look at possible causes for such things. Took of the distributor cap and scraped some crap of some parts in their and said that “could”  be the problem, but without experiencing it didn’t know if it would do any good.

So far we’ve been a fair way and it problem has not recurred. It cost us nothing for them to look at it and do the magic and they were nice guys about our problem that, for them, didn’t exist.

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