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My Entries to have been somewhat limited of late due to continuing problems with my camera. Fortunately with recent visits from Family I overcame the reluctance to use the failing camera and have produced a few photos that have been accepted by iStock.

Now istockphoto is no great way to make money… in the entire time I’ve been on there as a photographer I’ve made exactly USD$9.60, not a great fortune, but I usually just turn any money made back into credits for use on the site. There again, it’s also not bad since I only have 23 active images and none of them were taken with “Stock Photography” in mind.

iStockPhoto is a great resource for small buisness and designers. And with recently seeing a couple of bigger global businesses using images from iStock it makes sense that Getty purchased them last December in a way of capturing some of the revenue they may have been losing to the fantastic site.

Here’s the comparison – image on iStockPhoto cost between 1-20 credits depending on the size you’re after (1credit = $1) and they can be bought individually, image from Getty or other paid stock photography site will set you back a MINIMUM of USD$100 and I’ve seen quotes of up to $4,000 for single use.

So the new onese are the Lioness (seen below) and Razorback Rock (which has already received two 5-camera ratings and the comment, “great atmosphere I like it!”).

So a little happier today to see the photography back in swing after a long absence. Now I just have to get the camera repaired.

Royalty free stock image | Lioness |

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