Moving the Place Around

My Desk - Again

What would a month be if it got to go by without things changing in our house. September has already had is fill.

Visitors to our home will know that things are always moving… I guess it keeps thinks fresh, it’s truly amazing the number of ways furniture can be arranged and never be in the same place twice. For this David has a knack.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, David brought the PC into the computer room. It was being used as a media centre in the lounge room, but upgrades to beta versions of Windows Vista and attempts to get Vista to recognise our HD video card seem to have resulted in it not longer working with XP (after uninstalling Vista).

So for the short term (getting longer every time Microsoft delays) the PC is no good as a Media Centre so it’s just another computer.

Long story, sorry, but David having the just the iMac on his desk, had the smaller of the two desks, now with two computers he was a little cramped. The solution, I take the smaller desk and he has lots more room.

As part of the shake-up the piano moved, the printers moved and I brought one of the two Yoko Bags into the computer room to serve as a nice chill spot to get away from the computers for a while.

Click on the pic above to see my desk while it’s still tidy.


  1. Ipod anyone? I’m sure the Apple shop doesn’t have as many as you do :P

    As for the furniture moves… LOL! I can only confirm it’s true. Each new visit unvelied a new floorplan.

    Jamie, all I can say is thank the gods you’re not blind.

  2. The 5GB doesn’t really work as an iPod anymore, it’s battery is shot. The Mini and the Shuffle (not in the pic) are for the gym, the 60GB has most of my music on it and the 40GB is more of a mobile HDD.

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