Moo… they love to print

Moo Mini Cards

Moo Mini Cards

Apparently it’s true; these guys are print crazy… alright I have no idea if that is actually true at all. I’m sure they have their days when they can’t be bothered printing at all, but they have to cause that’s their job. But as I always say you should enjoy what you do and if you can say that you “LOVE TO PRINT” then print you must.

Enough rambling. The guys at have put the Flickr API to great use. They are allowing people to print MiniCards featuring your Flickr photos on one side and varible data on the other side.
For a limited time all Flickr Pro users can sample 10 FREE MiniCards shipped anywhere in the world.

I’ve ordered mine already and if they are alright, I’ll easily go for the 100 Pack, at only 19.99 they are awesome. But as the saying goes, the proof in the puddin’ and all…

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