Kim Wilde… Never Say Never

Kim Wilde Never Say Never Released 8th September 2006If you enjoyed a bit of Kim Wilde in the past you may still like her now. Kim’s first studio album in 11 years has hit European stores (and worldwide torrent sites) and “Never Say Never” is Kim Wilde as I remember her. Remembrance of course is helped by the fact that a lot of the album is covers of her own songs like “Four Letter Word”, “Kids in America”, “View from a Bridge” and of course probably her biggest hit “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”. Never Say Never also includes a Paul Oakenfold remix of “Cambodia”
The remixing of her first single from the album “You Came (2006)” is however not an improvement on the original which was around 13 years ago…

So much time has passed since Kim Wilde was on the scene and her re-emergence may be well timed, with the mood of music moving back to disco / 80’s style music. This album is well placed in time.

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  1. I just got my “NEVER SAY NEVER” this is one of the Best albums of 2006, Kim Wilde’s voice is soo Hot, There are great New Hot Dance tracks like Perfect Girl/Together again/Forgive me.. as well PoP Rockier I FLY/GAME OVER
    This album is a MUST to have and Listen to it.

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