Twitchy from HoodwinkedWe started out nice and early today, off to finally see “Hoodwinked“. It has been out at the movies for a while and we have shied away from it because of a few bad reviews from friends. Fuzzy little characters and cartoons were too strong a draw for me, so I dragged David along.

Hoodwinked is basically the story (all be it a little skewed) of Little Red Riding Hood, further it is the retelling of the same story from four different view points; Red, Granny, The Wolf and the Woodsman.

The real standout character and a show stealer for sure, is Twitchy… a crazy, manic Chipmunk who speaks at about 10,000 miles per hour. The insane part is the voice of Twitchy is Cory Edwards, one of the co-writers.
It’s worth a view, but wait for the DVD…

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