Jeepers, as much as you may think someone is a complete tool, you don’t wish them dead… other than the story below, from the Age, already has an obituary on their site with the line “For someone who spent so much time around killer animals, Irwin seemed to leave a charmed life.” [sic] seems that in the rush to get the job done, they don’t bother with an edit.

Crocodile man, Steve Irwin, dies September 4, 2006 – 2:45PM
Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, has died after being struck by a stingray barb in Queensland, according to reports.

Mr Irwin apparently died in a marine accident on the Great Barrier Reef, initial reports say.

He was believed to be shooting a documentary off Port Douglas when he was struck.

A spokeswoman for Irwin’s Australia Zoo said she was aware of the reports but the zoo would not be making any statements at this stage.

A spokeswoman from Queensland Police said they had not confirmed the reports of Irwin’s death and would not make any more comment.

Irwin, 44, was best known for his “Crocodile Hunter” television series, which was first released in 1992 and spawned some 70 episodes and anumber of spin-offs.

According to the zoo’s website, Irwin was born in Victoria in 1962, butmoved with his family to Queensland in 1970 when his father, Bob, started a reptile park on the Sunshine Coast.

Irwin married American Terri Raines in 1992 after she visited the zooon holiday.

Crocodile man, Steve Irwin, dies – National –

Further both sites already have around three stories online about it… the Internet is so powerful and yet remains unchecked even in the world of what should be professional journalism… it appears that best to market very rarely beats first to market when news is concerned, after all, it doesn’t matter if it’s right first time round, we’ll pick it up in the edit.

update: 3.23pm – on they now have an obituary, a map of the accident, a gallery of Steve’s life and times, the original story and the sky news broadcast where the story first broke (video streaming). The Age by comparison has only the one story so far and has it marked as a “Developing Story”.

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