Conversations with God

A couple of months ago I went to dinner with a couple of people from the office, Sue and Sandy, we went to the Pelican’s Landing in Williamstown and had a great night at dinner. Sandy took us out for a treat for all the help we’d given to the Denton Mills project at work.

During dinner we broke all the rules, discussing everything from  Religion to Politics, for the most part we it seems we’re quite compatible people… and we are.
From the dinner conversation my strangeness and interest in other ways of thinking must have been apparent because Sandy brought in the book “Conversations with God • an uncommon dialogue” for me to read.

I have to preface the rest of this post with the fact that I don’t actually believe that a God exists. I believe the notion of a god was an invention of man to explain things he could not in times when an understanding of basic science didn’t exist.

And on God it seems that the oldest civilizations on Earth believed in not one, but many gods. If I was to believe in other life controlling/creating entities, I believe there would be more than one… but I digress.

Back to Conversations with God (book 1), soon to be a major motion picture I might add.  I find the book by Neale Donald Walsch little more than the ramblings of a desperate man. Walsch has created this dialogue in his mind as a way of consoling himself from the activities that surround him.

The text is written as a conversation would occur so, for the most part, it’s a bit like reading a play. Walsch’s God is a master at double-speak and conversing in a way that is very open to interpretation. Perhaps the author is hoping this becomes a new new testament.

In this day and age, even if Jesus was real and the second coming of Christ was to happen, who would believe him. After all, look at what happened to David Koresh. Then of course there is Australia’s own Little Pebble and those nice folks from Heavens Gate. There are so many cults in the world I wouldn’t have enough space to list them all.

I know this post became a bit of a ramble and for that I apologise, I’ll probably come back and edit it a bit later, but I believe in humanity and one’s ability to believe in oneself. I get frustrated by people who push their beliefs on others… You should live for you, but live and let live. Each to their own and all those other clichés I can think of.

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