Busy Little Work Week

Burbank Homes Website in EnglishBurbank Homes Website in ChineseLast time I presented two screen shots in a blog, it was because someone had ripped off one of our designs and used it for their own site… this time the presentation shows the purposing of the Burbank Homes Site to serve a new market.

Apparently we have a lot of Chinese people buying our homes and in an effort to assist the process we’ve decided to present them with their own version of the site. Click on the thumbnails to see the larger versions.

An interesting task for sure, and there’s still a bit of work to go on it, I just sent off six more pages for translation. Instead of using a professional service like SBS Language Services, we’re using a Chinese student named Young. He then sends it on to one of his teachers who checks it to ensure he has understood the nuances of the English language.

We still pay him and he gets to practice is English at the same time.

In other work news, I’ve built myself a system to track my time, it has now been integrated into my projects database for work (which I also built) and uses all AJAX calls, my first real push into the AJAX world, pretty happy with the result. Though it tracks time a little too well now… no room for padding the hours like my paper-based co-workers can. Just as well I don’t slack off too much.

And finally, we hired a new DVD Producer and he started two weeks ago. This being his second week should have been a great time for him to get his teeth into the tasks at hand, unfortuately though he has been ill… all week and is now off to Queensland for a wedding returning Tuesday to work (maybe).

I would never call the two guys that were brought in to do Simon’s (our former award-winning DVD Producer) job replacements, cause I reckon Simon is a one of a kind and we miss him at work.

Well that’s the wrap up of my week at work.

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