Baryard Hooligans

BarnyardA Victorian traffic policeman has described as “stupid” two men who were hanging out of their car as they drove along the Hume Freeway in the state’s north-east.

Driver stupidity stuns police – National –

With trailers and cartoons like Barnyard showing cows drinking and driving it was only a matter of time until local hoons were influenced and started behaving in the same way.

Of course on a serious note, the trailer does actually show the cows drinking (milk) and driving around wildly (yep hanging out the window)… How did this just get a PG-13 rating? ;P


  1. Ahh I do love the old fallback of the guilty that they were influenced by television.
    Whatever happened to common sense and a sense of responsibility?

    People always tend to blame everyone else for their actions.

    Silly cows!

  2. People are NEVER responsible, not in today’s society, there is a psychosis for everything…

    But the cows’ behaviour is very very bad… they should be turned into steaks as fast a possible to ensure no further activity like this takes place.

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