A World That Never Ends

Blue Dandelion by Emily Quinton Flickr… an amazing place, I can get lost there for days, if only the days would let me.

I LOVE taking photos and also seeing what others see through the lenses of their cameras, now, while my camera needs some work to get it back to peak condition, it is still my favourite possession. Closely followed by my iPod for similar reasons.

The camera lets me take a snapshot of the world as I see it, though somewhat restrained. For me, the taking of photos is a private thing and while there are group meets via Flickr groups etc I tend to prefer to be alone when I’m out with the camera. The photos are afterall an extension to my being. Did that make sense?

Spose what I mean is; I don’t want to be taking photos and worry that my time spent is boring someone else who has to wait around for me to get the shot I want, nor that my methods and madness in getting the shot right will be seen as me being crazy, randomly lying on the ground or staring at a reflection in a building, or sometimes, lying on the ground AND staring at the reflection of a building… too self conscious for my own good I guess. It’s something I’m working on.

I also don’t want to explain to someone WHY I am taking a certain shot, I just am, some shots you can look at and think “I see what you were doing here”… others require a little more viewing time to ‘get’ what I was after.

Half a weekend of viewing images on Flickr has opened my mind to different types of photos I COULD be taking, differnt angles, perspectives, framing, close-crops etc. Now I just have to find some time to get out there and act.

Watch this space for more shots coming soon.

Image above “Blue Dandelion” by Emily Quinton. Emily has a fantastic photostream of beautiful and sometimes moving images.


  1. I hope in having a favourite ipod that you shower them all equally with love. Otherwise they’ll get jealous of each other, and you have a large ipod family…

  2. hehehehe… that is true… and I do love them all equally for they all bring be joy in so many ways. Ahhh the music they play… I could not think of living without it.

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