A Whole Lotta Hairspray

HairsprayNot the Musical… a John Waters classic, heck a classic in its own right (more about the musical versions further down).

About a year an a half ago, I rented Hairspray on VHS video from Out Video. I dragged the Video Player out of the cupboard where it has lived for many years now and sat down to enjoy a movie that is so John Waters and was so so right in its sentiment.

Of course it is now available on DVD (and probably has been for a while), I swear though I couldn’t get it on DVD back then.

For the uninitiated; We follow the quest of Tracy Turnblad who wants to be part of a teenage Dance TV show, but she’s a little on the large side and is laughed at for even trying. But like all good movies, Tracy get’s her own.

The story is a commentary on the sanitization of TV through the exclusion of non-thin and non-white people. A challenge that still continues today, I’m sure you’d agree.

Devine plays Edna Turnblad mother to Ricki Lake as Tracey. The movie also features Deborah Harry, Jerry Stiller and Sonny Bono.

There is also a musical about Hairspray, but make no mistake, the movie came first but the Hairspray the Musical is no less a fantastic production, soon to be made into a Hollywood version. A very very bad thing has been done though with the 2007 Movie Musical… John Travolta has been cast (and is filming now) in the roll of Edna Turnblad, made musically famous by Harvey Fierstein. Harvey is a fantastic actor and could just have easily taken on the role in the movie musical. Maybe they should have just done a RENT and gotten the entire Broadway cast to do the movie.

Having checked out the IMDB entry for Hairspray the Musical Movie, I do note that Corny Collins is to be played by James Marsden, so I guess it’s not all bad ;P Oh no, the little dude (Zach Efron) from High School Musical is playing Link Larkin. People; he’s supposed to be a heart-throb! Other than that the cast has some other heavy weights, like Michelle Pfeiffer and Christopher Walken and the ever impressive Queen Latifah.

I kind of love the recording of the musical I have (yes I know some of you do not even like musicals at all), I’m a little scared now this big screen making will ruin the whole thing… I suppose only time will tell.

Below is a clip, from YouTube, of what is apparently the Original Broadway Cast… note though that they seem to mime… that’s a bit of a shock to me, someone who has never been to a Broadway musical. I’m certain however I’d not want to go if it was just gonna be a bunch of people miming.


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