Two More Sleeps

I spoke to my mum earlier today… she sounds very excited about her plane flight. In light of the recent events in the UK she was getting the low-down on the security procedures for flight.

Of course we’re not being as strict on domestic travel which is a good thing cause given this is her very first flight and I don’t want her to be freaked out any more than she has to be.

Sounds like she’s all packed already, she wanted to know if we were still going to the snow because she was going to leave her BIG jacket at home as it takes up so much space. I’d love for them to see the snow and hope it continues for the next couple of weeks, so the jacket is coming along.

Everything seems to be going fine with my GD, they are going to lighten his sedatives today and bring him round tomorrow. My Dad’s will be in Sydney for the next couple of weeks as he’s retired and doesn’t have to be anywhere else. it’s nice to see him there for his Dad.

On holidays, but still have a couple of things left to do for work… :( so better get into it.

Have a couple of bottles of bubbly for later so it’s all good.

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