The Other Minogue

iPod PhotoI couldn’t believe it when we got the call to say our iPods were in stock. I haven’t noted this before (cause I don’t like saying bad things about Apple) but David’s iPod died on the day our warranty was due to run out, our friend Raj whisked it away for a warranty repair, the very next week and just after warranty and my iPod went the same way :'( Friends in high places saw that my iPod was replaced… and today.

Ms Minogue at Virgin RecordsBut back to the title… we got a call yesterday from some friends to say that Ms Minogue (Dannii) was appearing at Chapel Street Virgin store to sign copies of her new album (yep another one of those greatest hits albums).

We weren’t going to go anywhere near it, figuring it would be the biggest gay event since Pride March. but as we were in the city collecting our iPods we thought why not stop in.

And sure enough there she was, looking glam and gorgeous, signing away. Snapped a couple of snaps and moved on. I think David was killing to stay behind and get something signed but we were with our friend Kylie who probably wouldn’t have indulged such a delay, we being the nice guys we are passed up the opportunity.

I tell you though, celebs must hate these signings… they are sign this, get up, stand next to the person for a photo op, sit down and repeat, 10,000 times.

To her credit we did pass back later on and she was still signing away… such a trooper.

Check out Dannii’s site at

Nasty Nikki says; now that Kylie doesn’t have hair, Dannii looks more like Kylie!! Rudeness.

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