Spot of Shopping

Back from the early morning run to the Queen Vic Markets, a few purchases were made by all.

David and I have never been there on a Sunday before and I’ve never realised how different the place can be one day to the next. Half of the space that held general merchandise today (Sunday) usually holds fruit and veg (on Saturday) and the stalls where you hire the little trolleys are closed on Sunday too.

So it would appear that making sure we were there before 8.30 was not required today.

After a couple of hours walking around looking at basically kitch stuff, we went to Chapel Street, Prahran. Little more shopping and a stop in at Lamb on Chapel for the best souvlaki in Melbourne.

I tell ya, having a small kid around makes you do crazy things… for instance today I was walking along Chapel Street with my eyes closed being led by Alek, who thankfully, didn’t run me into any walls or under any trams.

Mum also bought me a copy of Lord of the Rings, the complete book. She says it is to replace the copy that she borrowed then lent to my Aunty Cheryl that was never seen again. My other one was quite old and was bought long before the movie ever came to be. The new one of course is covered with “Now a major motion picture…”.

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