Something’s Wrong With the World

In IraqSheesh what a grand statement you say… and some will be saying well duh! We all know that.

Last night I watched the rest of “Mrs Henderson Presents“, a fantastic movie, Dame Judi Dench at her finest (and at times funniest).

But the raw emotion when she stands in front of a group of service men and laments her now dead son who fought for his country in WWI is quite gripping, though short lived. It got me thinking (which I do at times, shocking I know), just how wrong the current war is.

How wrong is it that the guy in the photo above has had to go to war in Iraq? He is the face of youth sent as fodder while the men and women who sent him there rest safely in their houses each night.

Sure it’s not the first time I’ve thought about the war and it’s not the first time I’ve wondered what it’s all about (I mean life) when so many people can be expendable to ensure our comfort.

These guys are no more important to the men and women send them there than their can opener is in their drawers at home, they are a tool and a means to an end. But that’s where they went wrong this time.

There is no end to this, there never will be. This war will never end. And as far as the networks are concerned any war makes great TV.

I was watching a news report the other day (which I try to avoid doing) and I saw a reported in the middle of an apartment where a missile had dropped through earlier that day. The sirens started to go off, warning of another possible incoming missile. I hate to say it, but I bet it’s true, somewhere in a control room back here in Australia I bet some producer was hoping beyond hope that the rocket would take out their reporter… cause that would be gold TV my friends…

I know it’s wrong, but I know it’s true.

As proof I submit September 11 2001 footage… still being shown when ever the networks get the chance. The planes going into the buildings, the people jumping live from windows to their deaths, the collapse of the twin towers. I am disgusted by what happened, I am even more disgusted that it like all bad news is seen as a ratings bonaza.

Bring on the happy news, bring our boys and girls home… live and let live…

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