Sick an’ Tired

Yep that’s been me the last few days… bloody flu, I should start having flu shots in an attempt to avoid it in the future.

On the up-side I have seen a few movies lately… reviews to follow.


  1. Some people complain about flu shots… I swear by them…
    I’ve had them 3 years in a row and haven’t had the flu. Gotta love it.

    Now if only they could find a cure for the cold.

  2. The bright side of flu: you stay in bed all day, bossing people around you (bring me some water please! can we have chinese food today? if you go out, can you buy me the latest trash-gossip-magazines? I need to know everything about Pam Anderson’s new wedding…)

  3. If only and while I’m certain David would do such things (cause he has in the past) I’m not THAT sick… more tired than anything. And how about that wedding, you’d think by now the girl could afford a whole dress!

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