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Big long drive

Yesterday we were going to head off to Soveriegn Hill, but at $33/adult we kind of thought it was a bit expensive just to pan for some dodgy gold.

Jennifer and Alek on the Sorrento to Queenscliffe FerryInstead we head in the complete opposite direction and went to Sorrento & Portsea… tip to travellers, Sorrento is a cool place to visit, but instead of visiting on Wednesday go when the place is actually open. Most common days seem to be Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

For lunch we stopped at the world famous Portsea Pub / Hotel, and the funny looking spud that is served with the Malaysian Chicken isn’t a spud at all, it’s a hunk of ginger…

From Portsea we headed to the Sorrento – Queenscliffe Ferry for a trip across the bay to Geelong and then home for a restful afternoon.

Today will be a down-day, spot of local shopping and rest all round. Probably catch up on some work and see what’s happening in the rest of the world.

Destinations Family & Friends

First Full Day

Alek on City Tram
Cookie Shake consumed by Alek
Alek at Max Brenner

Yay they are here, having arrived at 1.45 yesterday we took two cars to the airport to collect my mum, my sister Jennifer and my nephew Alek. Crossing fingers I didn’t get any speeding tickets for the trip to the airport.

Last night was a subdued night, a nice home-cooked meal and a few episodes of Stargate SG-1 to bring mum up to speed (we have the whole season here to watch).

Today it was off to the city for a look around. While Alek at 7 is the most widely travelled of us all, this is mum and Jennifer’s first time to Melbourne.

We parked at Crown Casino ($5.00 full day after 9am) and walked part of the way into the city. Hopped on the free City Circle tram up to Federation Square. Once here we SMSed a message to the boards at Fed Square “Welcome to Melbourne, Mum, Jennifer & Alek”.

fer & Alek... Welcome

After we marvelled at this wonderful sign for a while we went into the TV50 a celebration of years of television at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, an amazing display of TV items, including a wall of 798 TVs showing footage from shows throughout the decades.

The most amazing thing to me was that TV arrived in Britan a full 20 years before it made it to Australia. That’s a long time to be without a set.

The exhibition is free and runs to Sunday, October 1, 2006.

From there we went to the Apple Centre, as you do, just for a look around and touch pretty things… then on into the city for a bit of walking around.

We went to Haigs, then Max Brenner then all the way back to The Pub at Crown for lunch.

Quite a full day for their first day in Melbourne… but we have much, much more planned.

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Two More Sleeps

I spoke to my mum earlier today… she sounds very excited about her plane flight. In light of the recent events in the UK she was getting the low-down on the security procedures for flight.

Of course we’re not being as strict on domestic travel which is a good thing cause given this is her very first flight and I don’t want her to be freaked out any more than she has to be.

Sounds like she’s all packed already, she wanted to know if we were still going to the snow because she was going to leave her BIG jacket at home as it takes up so much space. I’d love for them to see the snow and hope it continues for the next couple of weeks, so the jacket is coming along.

Everything seems to be going fine with my GD, they are going to lighten his sedatives today and bring him round tomorrow. My Dad’s will be in Sydney for the next couple of weeks as he’s retired and doesn’t have to be anywhere else. it’s nice to see him there for his Dad.

On holidays, but still have a couple of things left to do for work… :( so better get into it.

Have a couple of bottles of bubbly for later so it’s all good.

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Can I have my Life Back Now?

With all the stuff going on at the moment it seems like a whirlwind has been booming around inside my head.

There’s the business with Granddad, which seems to be sorting itself out… told you it wasn’t time yet GD. Though that nasty Golden Staph thing… what’s with that. It’s like you can’t go to hospital these days without it. Several of his tubes were removed today and he’s still kicking so it’s all on the up… let’s hope it stays that way.

Mum arrives on Monday now, at 1.45pm, which reminds me I have to check with Drew to see what time he is working, he might be on the check-in desk when my mum goes through… pity there is no upgrading on a Jet Star flight :P

Work has been crazy, I had a couple of big projects to get out of the way before I could take the two weeks holidays that should have started two hours ago, but I still have little tweaks to do. On of the sites is almost complete.

We are also hiring a new DVD Producer (and Simon is leaving us :'( )  and because Simon doesn’t work Friday’s my boss was dumping them with me and saying James will show you the equipment… now I know a lot of things, but what Simon does on his computer and with his video camera… no idea.

So it was basically; “It’s a G5, Dual 2.7GHz (yes faster than my dual 1.8GHz), 250GB HDD + 150GB HDD blah blah”… “Oh the camera you say? I think it’s a Sony something or other, I know it’s only a 4:3 and it takes both DV and Mini DV, but we buy Mini DV cause the others are too expensive”… “And there’s a box of cables and stuff, not sure what they do”…

On the plus side several of them said they liked our site (well the old version of it), so I’m voting for those guys to get the job :P
I think the guy that will get it is the one who said the magic (and tragic) words “I’m so dedicated to my work, sometimes my fiance feels neglected”… whooo boy you’ll be working night and day for us. They all seem nice enough, but none of them is another Simon.

So anyway… holidays should begin shortly. Expect lots of photos of Penguins, maybe some snow (if we get up that way) and a whole bunch more photos of Alek.

Daily Life

Come out for Census

It’s Census time again here in Australia, that means we have to put our hands up and be counted in all respects.

The easiest way for gay couples to be counted is to mark themselves as a couple on the Census form. So if you’re in a relationship and want them to be recognised, select De Facto as your relationshop to each other.

More at the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby site.

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C’mon Granddad it’s not time yet

Alek and My GranddadI hate bad news just as much as the next person, so when your sister rings and tells you that your grandfather has had a massive heart attack and is being being flown from Coffs Harbour to Sydney you tend to start the fret a little.

And that was my day yesterday… I however have the worst way of dealing with such things… become emotionally detatched and think about it logically. I know as far as most humans are concerned this is not the right way to go about dealing with it. But when someone tells you that your grandfather isn’t expected to survive the flight, for which they placed him in a chemically induced coma, I know there is little I can do about the outcome, so i don’t stress (at least not outwardly so).

On the inside however, ouch.

Plus side is he has survived the plane ride down and testing was being done overnight. I anxiously await hearing news about him this morning.

It’s times like these I realise just how far away Melbourne is from Sydney and how far away family comfort can be.

Get better Granddad… it’s not your time just yet.

Daily Life

Morning @ the Market

I never realised that Melbourne had quite so many market places spotted around town.

Last week we went to the Queen Vic Markets in the city and this week met up with Nikki at South Melbourne Markets (which by the looks of it are going through a bit of a refurb at the moment.

Dim Sims

While there Nikki introduced us to the Dim Sims & Spring Rolls shop. It has been around since 1949 (57 years) and make what are apparently world famous Dim Sims.

Not being a dim sims connoisseur (in fact I think this was my first one ever) I’ll take their word for it.

South Melbourne Markets are a little less busy than their much bigger Queen Vic counterparts. But seems to have much the same types of stalls. We’ll no doubt return in the future.

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The Other Minogue

iPod PhotoI couldn’t believe it when we got the call to say our iPods were in stock. I haven’t noted this before (cause I don’t like saying bad things about Apple) but David’s iPod died on the day our warranty was due to run out, our friend Raj whisked it away for a warranty repair, the very next week and just after warranty and my iPod went the same way :'( Friends in high places saw that my iPod was replaced… and today.

Ms Minogue at Virgin RecordsBut back to the title… we got a call yesterday from some friends to say that Ms Minogue (Dannii) was appearing at Chapel Street Virgin store to sign copies of her new album (yep another one of those greatest hits albums).

We weren’t going to go anywhere near it, figuring it would be the biggest gay event since Pride March. but as we were in the city collecting our iPods we thought why not stop in.

And sure enough there she was, looking glam and gorgeous, signing away. Snapped a couple of snaps and moved on. I think David was killing to stay behind and get something signed but we were with our friend Kylie who probably wouldn’t have indulged such a delay, we being the nice guys we are passed up the opportunity.

I tell you though, celebs must hate these signings… they are sign this, get up, stand next to the person for a photo op, sit down and repeat, 10,000 times.

To her credit we did pass back later on and she was still signing away… such a trooper.

Check out Dannii’s site at

Nasty Nikki says; now that Kylie doesn’t have hair, Dannii looks more like Kylie!! Rudeness.