Mum’s Birthday

Today is Mum’s birthday, other than a spot of shopping we’ve ended the day with dinner at one of our favourites, Viva Zappitas in Williamstown.

This restaurant is no longer one of our favourites. It seems that while a couple of the staff are the same, the restaurant has changed dramatically. The menu was different, the service was bad and our all round experience was unpleasant. All in all, not what I wanted for the first time taking my mum, sister and nephew to what has been, until now, a great place to eat.

David sent them an e-mail and we have advised them that while we had been there numerous times since being in Melbourne, and taken practially everyone we know there, we will not return again. Taco Bill is now our number one Mexican Restaurant (truth be told, it always has been, but it is in the city… williamstown is much closer).

We finished off the night with cake and coffee (for those who drink it) at home. We also presented mum with a bottle of Chivas Regal.

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