Flickr Geo Tagging… Major Problems

Flickr GeotaggingOn the surface, the idea of Geotagging your images in Flickr sounds GREAT. You’ll be able to position your photos and always know where they were taken. But there is one major problem at least here in Australia.

The Yahoo Maps information is very, very behind when compared to say Google Maps. Without at least street names (let alone the streets themselves) it makes it very hard to acurately position you dot for your photos.

See the attached photo for instance… seems we are all a little confused as to where the Twelve Apostles actually are on the Great Ocean Road. While I don’t know how others decided to position their dots, I opened another window and loaded Google Maps and tried to use the rivers, major roads and land formations to position my dot as closely as I could. On Google Maps they even HAVE the Twelve Apostles there in the water.

Of course it could just be that Geo Tagging should have been left to those who could provide GPS co-ordinates for where the photo was taken, and with some cameras now having this function built in we’re not too far away from more accurate positioning of dots.

And while I’m bagging Yahoo Maps, let me just say their pointy roads are a far cry from the curved and more accurate formations seen on other mapping sites.

Another thing that needs to be sorted is the spelling of GeoTagging/Geo Tagging?

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