First Full Day

Alek on City Tram
Cookie Shake consumed by Alek
Alek at Max Brenner

Yay they are here, having arrived at 1.45 yesterday we took two cars to the airport to collect my mum, my sister Jennifer and my nephew Alek. Crossing fingers I didn’t get any speeding tickets for the trip to the airport.

Last night was a subdued night, a nice home-cooked meal and a few episodes of Stargate SG-1 to bring mum up to speed (we have the whole season here to watch).

Today it was off to the city for a look around. While Alek at 7 is the most widely travelled of us all, this is mum and Jennifer’s first time to Melbourne.

We parked at Crown Casino ($5.00 full day after 9am) and walked part of the way into the city. Hopped on the free City Circle tram up to Federation Square. Once here we SMSed a message to the boards at Fed Square “Welcome to Melbourne, Mum, Jennifer & Alek”.

fer & Alek... Welcome

After we marvelled at this wonderful sign for a while we went into the TV50 a celebration of years of television at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, an amazing display of TV items, including a wall of 798 TVs showing footage from shows throughout the decades.

The most amazing thing to me was that TV arrived in Britan a full 20 years before it made it to Australia. That’s a long time to be without a set.

The exhibition is free and runs to Sunday, October 1, 2006.

From there we went to the Apple Centre, as you do, just for a look around and touch pretty things… then on into the city for a bit of walking around.

We went to Haigs, then Max Brenner then all the way back to The Pub at Crown for lunch.

Quite a full day for their first day in Melbourne… but we have much, much more planned.

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  1. It’s your fault. I’m here, jobless, waiting for September and the new classes they promised me, feeling guilty for every cent I spend, and guess what? I paid for a pro account on Flickr.
    It’s your fault: I didn’t know Flickr before I met you.
    You owe me 18,05 euros.

    PS: I like you anyway

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