C’mon Granddad it’s not time yet

Alek and My GranddadI hate bad news just as much as the next person, so when your sister rings and tells you that your grandfather has had a massive heart attack and is being being flown from Coffs Harbour to Sydney you tend to start the fret a little.

And that was my day yesterday… I however have the worst way of dealing with such things… become emotionally detatched and think about it logically. I know as far as most humans are concerned this is not the right way to go about dealing with it. But when someone tells you that your grandfather isn’t expected to survive the flight, for which they placed him in a chemically induced coma, I know there is little I can do about the outcome, so i don’t stress (at least not outwardly so).

On the inside however, ouch.

Plus side is he has survived the plane ride down and testing was being done overnight. I anxiously await hearing news about him this morning.

It’s times like these I realise just how far away Melbourne is from Sydney and how far away family comfort can be.

Get better Granddad… it’s not your time just yet.


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