Can I have my Life Back Now?

With all the stuff going on at the moment it seems like a whirlwind has been booming around inside my head.

There’s the business with Granddad, which seems to be sorting itself out… told you it wasn’t time yet GD. Though that nasty Golden Staph thing… what’s with that. It’s like you can’t go to hospital these days without it. Several of his tubes were removed today and he’s still kicking so it’s all on the up… let’s hope it stays that way.

Mum arrives on Monday now, at 1.45pm, which reminds me I have to check with Drew to see what time he is working, he might be on the check-in desk when my mum goes through… pity there is no upgrading on a Jet Star flight :P

Work has been crazy, I had a couple of big projects to get out of the way before I could take the two weeks holidays that should have started two hours ago, but I still have little tweaks to do. On of the sites is almost complete.

We are also hiring a new DVD Producer (and Simon is leaving us :'( )  and because Simon doesn’t work Friday’s my boss was dumping them with me and saying James will show you the equipment… now I know a lot of things, but what Simon does on his computer and with his video camera… no idea.

So it was basically; “It’s a G5, Dual 2.7GHz (yes faster than my dual 1.8GHz), 250GB HDD + 150GB HDD blah blah”… “Oh the camera you say? I think it’s a Sony something or other, I know it’s only a 4:3 and it takes both DV and Mini DV, but we buy Mini DV cause the others are too expensive”… “And there’s a box of cables and stuff, not sure what they do”…

On the plus side several of them said they liked our site (well the old version of it), so I’m voting for those guys to get the job :P
I think the guy that will get it is the one who said the magic (and tragic) words “I’m so dedicated to my work, sometimes my fiance feels neglected”… whooo boy you’ll be working night and day for us. They all seem nice enough, but none of them is another Simon.

So anyway… holidays should begin shortly. Expect lots of photos of Penguins, maybe some snow (if we get up that way) and a whole bunch more photos of Alek.


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