Bowl Me Over

Alek BowlingOff we went to the other side of the city today… all the way to Chadstone, the Fashion Capital (or so they think). The plan was a bit of shopping and a whole lot-a bowling.

Two games were played, Alek’s bowling style had everyone a little on edge, for fear the ball would either

  1. land in another persons lane and wipe out their pins, or
  2. come out of hand on the back swing and take out some spectators.

Clearly though Alek was more in command of his ball than we reckoned and he played a fine couple of games, even if he did become a little frustrated when he walked away with pins still standing.

Jennifer took out honours in the first game, and I secured the second.

The purchase of Scabble saw us play a few games upon our return from Chaddy. A further purchase tomorrow of a Scrabble dictionary will ensure less arguments over real words occur.
Scrabble was followed by a failed attempt to watch RENT, our copy having a scratch in it. We made it about halfway through the movie before it failed. We’ll rent RENT again on cheap-ass Tuesday (all DVDs $2) and watch the rest of it.

I also note that Mark is finally updating his blog now that he has moved to the US, so check out Mark’s Rant’s, Raves and Other Things ;).

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