Big long drive

Yesterday we were going to head off to Soveriegn Hill, but at $33/adult we kind of thought it was a bit expensive just to pan for some dodgy gold.

Jennifer and Alek on the Sorrento to Queenscliffe FerryInstead we head in the complete opposite direction and went to Sorrento & Portsea… tip to travellers, Sorrento is a cool place to visit, but instead of visiting on Wednesday go when the place is actually open. Most common days seem to be Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

For lunch we stopped at the world famous Portsea Pub / Hotel, and the funny looking spud that is served with the Malaysian Chicken isn’t a spud at all, it’s a hunk of ginger…

From Portsea we headed to the Sorrento – Queenscliffe Ferry for a trip across the bay to Geelong and then home for a restful afternoon.

Today will be a down-day, spot of local shopping and rest all round. Probably catch up on some work and see what’s happening in the rest of the world.

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