Back to Basics

Christina Aguilera - Back to Basics

Christina Aguilera is Back to Basics. A new album and a tribute to the music of the 20’s – 40’s of the last century.

A lot of jazzy, swing sounds… a lot of horns and a lot of Christina’s fantasic voice.

Most of the songs on this two disc set are uplifting with the exception of “Oh Mother” where much like “I’m OK” from Stripped Christina sings about her turbulant childhood and her mother’s treatment at the hand of a heavy-handed father.

Sure I may have come across this recording through a not so honest means, but like always when it is finally released I’ll pick up a copy. Given the amount of blending with older music styles I think I’ll even get this one as hardware (rather than the usual download). That way I get to read all the cover notes as well and see where the music came from.

Scratch that last bit, I just pre-ordered on iTMS (iTunes Music Store) where for $20.99 we get the digital booklet, a bonus track and a bonus video. Official release date 12th August 2006.

This album is everywhere on the net and you can’t tell me that it’s out there without some deliberate leak from the record company. And true fans will make a grab for it as soon as they can… but true fans will also buy the album when it finally becomes available.

One thing I don’t get is why big artists aren’t walking away from the record companies in droves, I mean they have the reach, most of them have the money to self-produce why are they settling for the pittance the record companies would give them.

Maybe it’s the fact that they get paid up-front for their multi-record deals. Who knows.

But while I’m ranting let me say this… George Michael you suck!

I remember you saying that all future music you release would be FREE and that all you would ask is that people who download it from your site donate to charity… but there you are, new single and “under exclusive license to Sony” no less. Dude have you blown all your money already?

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