Yo ho ho, and a Barrel of Rum

Jack SparrowPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest… because it is so new I don’t want to give away anything but let me say this, it has a Matrix 2: Reloaded style ending.

A great movie, everyone fits right back into their charaters, and while Captin Jack Sparrow is quite as funny this time round, the plot is a little more intense.

And of course Pirates of the Caribbean: The End of the World is already filming so be ready for the third some time next year.

Before the movie we stopped in at Lamb on Chapel (394 Chapel Street, Prahran, 3181) where they sell some of the best souvlaki in Melbourne.


  1. I have to wait till September, that’s so bad! “Experts” say people don’t like to go to the cinema during summertime, so they save big movies for fall and winter.

  2. That sux badly… it seems that type of thing has dropped off for us lately. It used to be that way for some time ago, it seemed like Movies were already on DVD in the States before we got them.

    Now it it pretty much the same time (though some movies are still quite delayed.

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