Work Experience Girl

This week we have a nice girl here doing work experience… in a place like this work experience means shuffling papers (with papercuts as a bonus), filing crap that should have been filed years ago and cleaning out storage sheds… not really all that much to do with Marketing or having fun which is what it should be.

Work Experience Girl (WEG) spent the afternoon in the Edit Suite with me and Simon. With-in a half an hour she announced that Simon was just a small boy in a big boy’s body. While on the surface this may appear an accurate description of young Simon, sitting with him day after day you learn he is something so much more.

WEG also taught us about MySpace and what it means to kids of today. I have avoided MySpace like the plague… it’s a ugly, garish, mishmash of same but different design with everyone’s comments full of “Please add me” and corresponding “Thanks for the add”. Like, what is that about?

Apparently it means something to these kids, and while WEG says she’d never ever meet anyone from MySpace it seems just from the brief view we had others probably would and have… don’t they know how dangerous that is?
Scary little world these teenagers live in these day, it’s good to know there’s at least one younger girl out there with a sensible head on her shoulders.

Oh and Simon also attempted to teach binary, I’m not quite sure she got it completely. :P

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  2. ROFL… WEG is in year 10 in High School :P

    Work Experience is supposed to be a way for the younger people to see what work is like… however they usually end up doing the crap that no one wants to do… so I don’t think it’s really fair.

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