There Goes the Neighbourhood

Welcome to Melissa and Linda who recently moved into Point Cook, just around the corner from our place (well round the corner and up the road).

Did you know? Point Cook should maybe be renamed Point Poof… the amount of Gay and Lesbian couples who are moving into the area is amazing… welcome to the burbs boys and girls.


But back to Mel and Linda, when they arrived at their place to move in the other day they found a drawing on their front doorstep (like the Rangoli shown here) with flower petals inside the design… a bunch of salt near the back door, a piece of wood burnt on a stone (not native to the garden) and what appeared to be a new plant planted at the back of the garden (out of place with the other plants and had dirt on the surrounding bark).

Doing a little look around on the internet (as you do) the best I can find is a relation to either Hindu house blessing, or Wiccan house blessing so either way it’s a good thing, right?

Thank goodness the rain held off until the afternoon and all your stuff is moved in.

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  1. Yes it’s good either way. Wicca borrows from a lot of different cultures and religion, one being of Indian nature, and neither believes in doing anything to hurt others, lest it return to the sender threefold, so no worries.

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