The Descent

Jeff Long's the DescentThe book by Jeff Long -> Not the movie which seems to borrow parts of the book but not give Jeff any credit.

The book has been on my shelf for around three years, unread. I didn’t buy it, back when I was working for Murdoch Magazines it was sent to Live This (a short-lived, long-dead magazine) to be reviewed. I think all the reviewers do is read the press release that comes with them and writes from that…

Quite a book, and I’m only part way through and all the talk about Hadels and the sub-planet world is amazing. To think that another world exists below our own. Where the people, now savages, were once a thriving populations, older than man. Once creators of beauty, now destroyers.

I’ve not read any other books by Jeff Long but can easily see this as a commentary on modern man. Of course that couls just be what I am taking from it. To Jeff Long it may just be a well researched scary book.

The movie takes the idea of a sub-terranian race hell-bent on the destruction of intruders… I’m talking out of turn though, I’ve not yet seen the movie but believe it’s going straight to DVD. So I’ll catch it soon.

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