News… is it important?

I was just watching Grease on Channel 7 (yep after watching “High School Musical“, thanks Disney). And during an ad break Channel 7 had a promo for their news… it went something like

And 7 news was there when the story broke… and I believe they were trying to cover it up… and this now exclusive the 7 News… 7 News can reveal exclusively… and so on for about a minute.

No I didn’t leave anything out… it went like that and the visuals were all of the anchor saying these things. Not a single story or incident was mentioned, so I have to ask… is the news important? If it is so irrelevant that they can’t be bothered adding it into the promo, because sure the story is probably no longer relevant. but that’s my point. It was big news one day, and the important thing wasn’t the news… it was who brought it to you first, who paid the most for the exclusive.

If it is news worthy, it should NEVER be exclusive. If it is news, then surely it is important that as many people can know about it SHOULD know about it.

Maybe the promo should not be taglined “Seven News, the one to watch” but instead read “Seven news, the one who paid the most”.

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