New Vacuum… how exciting

… it is for me… We once had a Dyson and I loved it… with two Cockerspaniels leaving hair all over the shop it’s nice to have a way to get it off the ground and out of the carpet. In the past we had the Dyson DC05 with a powerhead… it was Awesome I still remember the day we bought it home to our house in Blacktown.

Dyson DC08We vacuumed the house and had to empty it seven or eight times. The amount it could collect was amazing.

It was the best robot vacuum for dog hair and it served us well for a long time but died, we sent it back to Dyson they fixed it, it came back but it only lived for another three months.

We then made a big mistake… we replaced it with a cheap-ass AirFlow vacuum. It sucked, but we put the money out so we stuck with it… until now.

This morning we went to Godfrey’s had our Airflow all packed in its original box, they were giving $300 off selected vacuums with any trade-in, turns out though the vacuums they were offering we didn’t really want. The one that was amazing was way too expensive.

We said we’d think about it and left… next stop Beta Electrical. Where we looked at the Dysons, looked at others, then looked at the dysons some more. We ended up with the DC08TSS-TBN. Ticket for $899, on sale for $769 we got it for $640… probably a little slip on the part of the sales person. It was probably supposed to be $740. This vacuum was great because it could be used as a vacuum for the car.



  1. Woohoo!! and purple… you’ll be the envy of all the lesbians. *laugh*

    Colour me envious though, I love my old faithful Dyson, but no new purchases for us, nothing works in America… especially their President!! That could get me in trouble next time I’m at the Embassy… Sorry George!

    For now… it’s our veteran DC05 and the ducted…
    Can I pat it next time I visit?

  2. You’re enthusuastic about a vacuum… I can’t believe it. Most of the italian men don’t even know that a tool like that exist. The more I read the more I want to move to Australia. Will you consider a new roomate? I’m a good cook

  3. hehehe… I do love my Dyson.

    We have tried living with people before… and let’s just say it didn’t work out. We are pretty set in our ways and aren’t keen on sharing our space (even though we have a bunch of it).

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