MySpaced Out

All righty kiddies, I don’t get myspace at all. After another couple of days with WEG, by myself for most of today I looked more into what MySpace is to WEG and her generation.

I mean, like, you can’t even IM people on the site, you can see they are on, and then IM through MSN… okay then.

So basically MySpace is used for adds for friends and thanks for the adds (as I said the other day) and to post comments on other peoples accounts.

The site is way to slow for what it is, and even slower than it should be given the that Rupert owns it!

WEG also tells me that MySpace is cool because she doesn’t have to do anything to be there, it’s all there already… yoiks kids take some time out and learn something new… try Wikipedia for a start!

Oh and check out MySpace on MySpace.

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  1. “MySpace….. Like Friendster, with steroids”

    I don’t get the allure either, and I’m sure that MySpace will go the way of Friendster in it’s time.

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