Kyle XY – Episode 3

Sure it’s being panned by critics and may not last for very long, but Kyle XY is not a bad show.

Sure there are huge flaws in the plotline and I think they are trying to cram too much in while trying to retain mystery, it doesn’t work… too much cryptic information may as well be no information at all, people can’t keep all the bits-n-pieces in their heads.

The first episode was an introduction to Kyle, the family etc. Episode two was all about time and how we spend it. Episode three is all about the lies we tell… and that to an innocent mind even little white lies are real bad.

They may not get everything right with this show, but hey it’s new, it may still come into it’s own.

If nothing else Kyle XY is an amazing look at how, as we grow, we take a lot of information in, learn to process it, adapt it and use it. We are products of our environment…

We don’t always do the right thing for everyone, but as long as we do the right thing for ourselves, while being mindful of others we should be on the right track.

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