Jump for Your Life

World Jump Day 2006Just like the tours of singing celebs, World Jump Day doesn’t include Australia!

I’m pretty sure this is not the first time this has been around, maybe in this day and age of the Internet they think they have more chance of success so July 20 (that’s today down under), in just 17 hours time (from time of posting) 600 Million people will jump on the other side of the world and attempt to end global warming by moving the Earth into a new orbit… jeez I hope aliens don’t choose now to show up and see how stupid we are!

He Roberta wear sensible shoes, this jump includes you guys in Italy, do something for humanity… save us all.

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  1. I do hope that at the moment it happens I’m not carrying a drink, that would be very inconvenient.

    As for aliens, lets hope that one isn’t in low orbit and gets knocked by a suddenly sideways moving planet. Good way to start a war methinks.

    On a side note, did anyone stop to think that a sudden movement out of orbit could cause us all to spin off into the sun thus worsening, although only for a short time till we’re all “dust” (no calories in dust either)…

    Hmmm stuff to think about.

    But, how do you find these gems and still get work done? LOL :D

  2. ROFL… I still do all my work… I read all my RSS feeds in the morning.

    I think the jump will only cause slight movement… I don’t think it will be too radical.

    But could you think of a cooler way to start an intergalactic war… “What happened Kang?” Asks the Emperor “They hit me with their planet.” Replied Kang… “Those Bastards!” The Emperor says as he pushes the button on the world evaporator.

    Hmmm who knew they got the Simpsons and South Park in space!

  3. Bwahahaha! Can I have a role in the screenplay as an Evil Genius?
    I’ve always wanted to be allowed to go to the Dark Side and strive for World Domination…

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