Gone Flickr Mad

Yep just uploaded a whole bunch more photos to Flickr. Up to 493 photos in total. Still lots more to go.
Me holding Maygen the day she was bornJacob on his first BikePerry CatmoOne of Eve's Puppies

Also have to find out how to blog photos directly from Flickr, am able to get it to blog to hosted sites, but this one is on my own server and I’m not sure how to get Flickr to post to here. It seems to need some sort of endkey or something. I’ll work it out (or keep copy and pasting).


  1. I miss my kitty… but I don’t want another one. I find pets hold me down too much, can’t stay out all night cause they’ll freeze, can’t pick up and go on a trip cause the pet has to be catered for.

    Don’t get me wrong I love them when I have them but I just don’t want any more replacements.

    Oh and Craig leave Perry’s hair alone… he was just a kitten it was supposed to be all frizzy. ROFL

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